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10 Tips to Make Your Foundation Look Flawless!

10 Tips to Make Your Foundation Look Flawless!
1. Wash
Always make sure to start off with freshly cleaned skin. Be sure to choose a cleanser that is suitable for your skin.

2. Tone/Treat
Toner helps to tighten skin for a smoother appearance. Spot treat to heal acne blemishes if necessary.

3. Moisturise
Moisturising your skin helps for an even makeup application. Avoid drying out your skin and flaky makeup.

4. Prime
Prime reduces the appearance of pores and acts as a barrier between your skin and the makeup, reducing clogged pores.

5. Foundation
Foundation creates a muted base for your makeup application, evening out your skin tone.

6. Conceal
Concealer, usually a shade or two lighter than your skin tone, is used to brighten areas of your face and hide blemishes.

7. Set
Setting powder helps to keep your makeup in place longer. Without "setting", liquid makeup can "shift" throughout the day.

8. Contour
Contouring helps to shape your face. Making some areas (nose, chin, cheekbones) appear smaller or more defined.

9. Highlight
Highlighting helps to accentuate high points on your face and attract more light to certain features.

10. Blush
Blush is usually applied to add colour to the cheekbones.

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