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5 Tips for a Casual Makeup Look

03 Oct, 2018
You’ve got a lunch date with that special someone or heading to the movies with friends.  You want to look nice but don’t want to look like your heading out to the club for shots either.
At times like this you need a casual makeup look.  So how do you get it?  Check out my tips below for a fresh look that won’t have you feeling overdressed and out of place.

Instead of a full face of foundation, reach for the BB Cream.  BB cream will help to even out your skin tone and give your skin a nice glow without appearing heavy like foundation can do.  If you insist on using foundation, make sure you work it into your skin well and try a dewy finish rather than matte.

A strong contour screams diva so playing down your contour game for that lunch date will serve you well.  You can still do it, just use minimal product and a light hand.  I’d skip the illuminator all together though.  Sparkling cheeks and eyebrows doesn’t really say casual.  Save that for the gala ball you’re going to with that new squeeze after you win him over at lunch.
Simple, soft and natural looking makeup.  Image:
OK, so common sense is telling us this is not the time for a smoky eye.  Pick a neutral eyeshadow close to your skin tone and wash the colour over your whole eyelid.  This will make sure you don’t look washed out but won’t make you look like your about to step out on the red carpet either.  You can get away with using which ever finish you like, satin, matte or shimmer.

Eyeliner can really do up a face so passing on it will keep your eyes simple.  Stick to the eyeshadow and a good licking of mascara and your eyes will shine without blinding everyone in sight.  Run your eyeshadow over your bottom lash line to add a bit of definition if need be.

Fun, fresh and oh so girly, a lighter lipstick is perfect for a casual look.  Deeper colours give an impression of glitz and glamour and can be hard to pull off when the rest of your look is simple.  A simple nude or light pink or coral will do the trick.  You could even go one step further and just use lip gloss.  Oh, and make sure your lip liner matches your lippy colour, so you don’t have a harsh outline.

Our pick for a coffee date outfit.  Shop the look here.

It can be hard trying to get your look right when the dress code for an event is somewhere between black tie and pyjama party but following these simple tips will mean you won’t have to worry about your makeup being over the top.  Still not sure what you’re going to wear?  Go with our coffee date look or check out our current range for some inspiration here.

Shelley is a local makeup artist who has a passion for educating others on all things makeup.  For makeup tips and tricks visit If Looks Could Kill Makeup Artistry.

Follow Shelley on Instagram at @iflookscouldkillmua

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