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Beauty Tip: Basic Smokey Eyes

22 Aug, 2018

Here I have used a combination of MAC matte eyeshadows called Quarry, Sketch and Embark.

Quarry eyeshadow is a great matte eyeshadow with a lilac undertone, it’s great on its own or teamed up with these other eyeshadows to create a stronger Smokey eye.

To create a good Smokey eye it’s all about blending. You want seamless blended eyeshadow to create a Smokey feel.
It’s definitely worth investing in good blending brushes. 

I highly recommend the 217 brush from MAC for blending your eyeshadows. It makes life a lot easier and your make up look so much more professional.

Nicola Beverley
Make-up Artist

Follow Nicola on Instagram at @themakeoverdolls

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