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Beauty Tip: Urban Decay Heat Palette

20 Jul, 2018

This is a great palette with wearable colours. Great for doing different looks from natural to more evening looks.

Works for all eye colours, but particularly blue eyes. This is to do with the colour wheel chart. Warm tones like orange are on the opposite side of the colour wheel to blue and as they are opposite, the warm tones compliment blue eyes the most. This doesn’t mean you can only wear warm tones on your eyes, it just means that these colours compliment blue eyes.

Purple tones compliment green eyes, and brown eyes can work with any tone depending on the tone of the skin. This is just a basic guideline, but as a makeup artist I’m all about experimenting.

Makeup is fun, so play around with colours and see what works for you.

Nicola Beverley
Make-up Artist

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