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Canvas Market

On Saturday we had our first ever market event! The Canvas Market Brisbane (

There was a lot of preparation to do beforehand including buying everything for the stall set up, purchasing Public Liability Insurance for the day, making sure we had all of our packaging and payment options ready, and knowing where to go once we got there!

The day started at 5:30am, giving us enough time to get ourselves organised and finish packing the car. I like to pack the clothes last thing so they stay as crinkle-free as possible!

Once we got there, we had a couple of hours to set up before the market started at 10am. The event organisers made sure everything went smoothly, which was great.

The day could have gone better. There weren't many people walking through where the market was, which was a little disappointing for all of the stall holders, as we had all gone to so much effort for an awesome day.
At 4pm the event finished and we packed up and left.

If I can offer one piece of advice to any newbies trying out a market - Make sure you check the location of the market, and what the usual foot-traffic for that area is.
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