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08 Aug, 2018

Why dress for your body shape?

“Dress for your body shape”

What does that even mean? How is this possible? Is it even a thing?
Yes, there actually is!
And it involves a bit of Science, Art, Design and surprisingly MATH.
Flattering the body visually is a matter of harmonising one’s proportions.
In the realm of Personal Style, we often use the ‘hourglass’ figure as a benchmark for women. The hourglass is not about perfection but rather about balance and harmony. This is because the top of the hourglass and base of the hourglass share the same/similar width across.
So how does this translate to the female body?
When we map the shape of the hourglass onto the female body from the front view, the top becomes the width of the shoulders and the base becomes the hips, and the middle of the hourglass represents her waist area.
So for a lady to have this body shape by default, it is rather ideal.
When dressing this body shape, she must remember to wear style elements that will maintain this visual harmony from head to toe.
An example of this is a dress that has some decorations around both shoulders and the hips.
Not all women have this body shape though! I hear you. That is when I can get creative as a Personal Style Confidence Coach and use different style elements to minimise certain features and direct attention to areas that need it, to cause balance and harmony.
This is definitely not to say that there is anything bad or wrong with our individual bodily features, as every human being is unique and that should be celebrated. As humans, we naturally appreciate harmony in all things, and we can use Personal Style to cater to that craving, and we can use the Science of Style to work in our favour.
To get a taste of Personal Style Coaching benefits for your career or love life, please visit my online Free Trial of Personal Style Coaching at

Thank you,

Mya Le
Personal Style Confidence Coach
Melbourne, Australia

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Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst

16 May, 2018

Styling: Monochrome Chic

Black and white is always a classic choice when it comes to women's fashion and styling.

The combo is classy, flattering and timeless.

As a casual wear label, we're all about designing clothes that compliment your personality and show your uniqueness and beauty. Whatever your personal style, get creative and have fun when choosing your outfit to give it that extra WOW-factor!

We love our Feather & Arrow long dress in black styled with a chunky lace up boot, striped bag and all-black accessories. Add a bold lip colour to make an even bigger statement!

All AMANDA MONIQUE dresses are designed and made locally on the Gold Coast. Prints are hand-drawn and unique to the label, and printed locally. We are an independent fashion label focused on creating timeless, sustainable fashion that lasts a lot longer than one season. #FuckFastFashion 

Image created using Polyvore. Sorry, we can't tag the accessories since the Polyvore website went down.
RIP Polyvore...

Styling: Be Free

It's that time of year again - Coachella!

If anyone else is feeling some serious FOMO for not having tickets, we get it.

I don't know about you, but to make us feel better, we're going to pretend we're not missing out by creating an outfit perfect for dancing in the desert with our main squad.

We love our Feather & Arrow mini dress in Army - it's stretchy, super soft and most importantly, comfortable! - styled with a pair of brown desert boots, and some mustard accessories! Stay fresh-faced with a subtle bronze glow and mascara to finish.

Styling: Beach Vibes

Tomorrow marks the first day of Summer and we couldn't be more excited for everything that comes with it! Barbecues, beach days, family fun, and so much more...

...but the fashion is our favourite!
No matter your personal style, there's something for everyone.

We are loving this cute set featuring our Feather & Arrow mini dress in Lotus paired with neutral accessories. The beach tote is one of our faves, and how cute are those espadrilles! The blue tint sunnies are perfect to finish off the look.

Who else is ready for the beach?


Soludos slip on espadrille
96 AUD -



Roxy summer beach hat
38 AUD -


For Art's Sake geometric glasses
255 AUD -



Shiseido suncare
43 AUD -


Styling: Spring Dates

Spring is so amazing because it's not so cold anymore (yes, the Gold Coast doesn't actually get that cold during Winter, we know), and it's not too hot yet, which if you're familiar with Gold Coast Summers, you know it gets freaking hot!

It's the time of year where we as women start wearing our shorter dresses, either because we want to show off our new tan, it's getting too warm, or we just have killer legs and why not?

Whatever the reason, having a fresh look is always a good idea!

We love this set mixing our Feather & Arrow mini dress in Army with natural tan accessories for an effortless and chic look. The subtle blush pink is feminine and pretty - perfect for your next coffee date!


Peep-toe ankle booties


Faithfull brown handbag
150 AUD -


Madewell leaf earrings
36 AUD -


Leather jewelry
145 AUD -


Fendi blue lens sunglasses
330 AUD -


Too Faced Cosmetics face makeup
38 AUD -


Collaboration - The Sunday Co.

As a new Gold Coast fashion label, being able to work or collaborate with other local businesses and brands to support each other is fantastic!

One of those brands is The Sunday Co.
The Sunday Co. started in early 2016 in the stunning beach markets of the Gold Coast, Australia, and named after the best day of the week 'Sunday'.

Lead by Liam, the team at The Sunday Co. design a great range of eyewear, some of which we used to style our first collection photo shoot, and we now sell via our website. If you haven't had a look yet, head over to our eyewear page and check them out!


They also design original and super fun pins! Find them on Instagram @thesundayco_

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