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Why dress for your body shape?

08 Aug, 2018
“Dress for your body shape”

What does that even mean? How is this possible? Is it even a thing?
Yes, there actually is!
And it involves a bit of Science, Art, Design and surprisingly MATH.
Flattering the body visually is a matter of harmonising one’s proportions.
In the realm of Personal Style, we often use the ‘hourglass’ figure as a benchmark for women. The hourglass is not about perfection but rather about balance and harmony. This is because the top of the hourglass and base of the hourglass share the same/similar width across.
So how does this translate to the female body?
When we map the shape of the hourglass onto the female body from the front view, the top becomes the width of the shoulders and the base becomes the hips, and the middle of the hourglass represents her waist area.
So for a lady to have this body shape by default, it is rather ideal.
When dressing this body shape, she must remember to wear style elements that will maintain this visual harmony from head to toe.
An example of this is a dress that has some decorations around both shoulders and the hips.
Not all women have this body shape though! I hear you. That is when I can get creative as a Personal Style Confidence Coach and use different style elements to minimise certain features and direct attention to areas that need it, to cause balance and harmony.
This is definitely not to say that there is anything bad or wrong with our individual bodily features, as every human being is unique and that should be celebrated. As humans, we naturally appreciate harmony in all things, and we can use Personal Style to cater to that craving, and we can use the Science of Style to work in our favour.
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Thank you,

Mya Le
Personal Style Confidence Coach
Melbourne, Australia

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Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst
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